Helping children

We have had a lot of fun, getting out and about to sell sweets to children. Unfortunately, a lot of children aren't able to get out at all and too many are suffering from incurable, often terminal diseases.

We know how lucky we are, and appreciate the blessed lives we have led so far, so we have always sought to donate a percentage of our profits to charity from each of the various business enterprises we have run. To date these have included the children's hospice Shooting Star Chase, Teenage Cancer Trust, Research into Ovarian Cancer (R.O.C.), RNLI, Breast Cancer Cares, Make a Wish Foundation for Children, Royal Theatrical Fund and Children in Need.

In our new Worcester shop we will be seeking out new charity partners each year, so that we can play our small part in helping to improve the lives of others in the local community and across the Three Counties. 

Throughout each year, we will have regular fund-raising initiatives for that charity and also be inviting them to special evening events in our shop. 


From June 2019 we are working with New College Worcester, for young people who are blind or partially sighted.

In 2018/2019 we raised over £300 for Deaf Direct, based in Worcester, which supports deaf and hard of hearing people throughout Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Oxfordshire and strives for their equal participation and access without barriers or prejudice.

We at Mr Simms Worcester are very proud of our contributions to charity and would love for all children to be able to experience the everyday joy of buying sweets from a sweet shop.